Dr. Alessio Pruneddu.

Hallo everyone and welcome to the Q-sortware website. I am Alessio Pruneddu, the person behind this website and the services offered with the Q-sortware. I completed a PhD in psychology at the University of York with a thesis about personality, change and attitude towards change. In the attempt to administer a series of questionnaires using different response formats, I conceptualised a software aiming at a smooth completion for participants and with a set of handful options for the researcher who is designing the project. 
Since the initial version of the software was launched in 2010, many changes, amendments, and improvements were made until 2011, where I presented the Q-sortware in its current version at the Q-conference held in Birmingham, (Pruneddu & Zentner, 2011). At the moment, the software is used worldwide and I am proud to write that many students and professors from different countries and disciplines considered the Q-sortware a valuable option for their research. The software is free for anyone and if you go to the 'Join' page of this website, you will find out how to request an account. The intellectual property of the software belongs to the University of York.